Our Story

Alex Hormozi founded Prestige Labs after years of searching for the best supplements for his clients. After countless searching, he was disappointed to find they didn’t exist. Most supplements today are filled with unnecessary fillers, copious amounts of caffeine, and blends that don’t offer any real benefits.

He wanted to find supplements that solved real problems. Supplements that contained high-quality ingredients that were clinically proven to work even if they costed more. Supplements that proudly displayed the most potent ingredients so people knew they were getting a quality product.

Back in his training days, Alex’s clients constantly asked him what supplements he took. With much reluctance, he showed them what he took. Instead of buying exactly what he’d recommend, they went to their local GNC with the list where they were sold higher-priced products that didn’t work near as well.

After years of dealing with third parties delivering his clients with poor products, he decided to provide better options. Options that were formulated by PhDs, trusted by Olympians, and loved by strength professionals everywhere.

Behind this idea, Prestige Labs was born.

Prestige Labs supplements are created and packaged in a GMP-certified facility. Every batch is tested for purity at both the bulk and mixing stages to ensure we create the highest-quality supplements we can. Combined with the superior ingredients, Prestige Labs is the most expensive line ever produced at the facility. In a facility that’s never failed an inspection, we take great pride in that.

Remarkable products are made by combining premium ingredients and the brightest minds in the world. Prestige Labs believes in quality without compromise. That’s a promise that can be found in every single one of our products.